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Special Education

  • Formal requests for evaluations & services

  • Helping determine eligibility under IDEA

  • Designing IEPs with measurable educational & life skills goals

  • Identifying empirically based (successful) intervention techniques.

  • Assessing the quality of current IEPs

  • Accompanying families to IEP meetings and fair hearings

  • Locating special education summer camps

  • Answering the question, “should I seek an out of district placement?”

  • Referrals to outside assessments

  • Testimony at fair hearings and court cases

  • Referrals to educational attorneys


Transition Planning

  • Identification of appropriate post-secondary goals

  • Writing transition plans with step-by-step objectives to support the transition plan goals.

  • Working with school districts to provide age-appropriate pre-employment skills AND employment experiences. 

  • What kinds of supports will the student need in a post-secondary setting, at work, or in the community?

  • Connection with state agencies that are instrumental to transition planning & life success.

  • Introductions to international travel organizations for individuals with disabilities


College & Postsecondary

  • Determination of college interest and aptitudes 

  • Answering the questions, “Is college right for me?” “Community college or a 4-year college – what are the pros and cons?” and “If not college then what?”

  • Identifying summer college programs that help with transition to college.

  • Locating community-based and college-based transition programs.

  • Assistance with applications & tours

  • Navigating the disabilities services offices and getting reasonable accommodations under the ADA

  • On-going support services



  • Determination of career interest and aptitudes

  • Navigating the occupational outlook handbook

  • Exploring stackable certificates

  • Resume & cover letter writing

  • Using your state office of vocational rehabilitative services

  • Finding funding for job training


Independent Living

  • Assessment of Independent Living skills

  • Assistance with executive functioning augmentation

  • Independent living skills training (e.g. budgeting & banking, travel training)

  • Referrals to in-home trainers for skills for such as grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and apartment maintenance

  • Searches for supportive housing or in home services


Curriculum Program Design

  • Provision of technical support to school districts and private schools 

  • The design of summer & transition programs

  • Staffing, budgetary, and marketing support for the launch of new programs or the updating of current ones

  • Identification of disability specific interventions that are based in empirical research.

  • Literature reviews

  • Grant writing 

  • Publications 

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